Parenting in the 21st century has brought new and intense challenges for families throughout the world. From an ever-growing dependence on technology and social media to expectations regarding "success" and "achievement," today's parents and youth face daily pressures that only seem to multiply from year to year.

The Wellness Resource Network began when three concerned parents shared their experiences with one another – both the struggles their children faced during middle and high school years, and the methods they discovered to help navigate those journeys in a healthy way. What became increasingly obvious was:

  • They were not alone in experiencing these difficulties;

  • There were quality resources available in the community;

  • Most fellow parents were unaware of opportunities to help their children manage stress and cultivate a vital sense of inner peace and balance.

Today, the Wellness Resource Network operates as a non-profit subsidiary of the Cooperating Churches of Sussex. By partnering with this important outreach group, as well as Sussex Area Outreach Services and Hamilton Connects (the community-focused arm of the Hamilton School District), the Wellness Resource Network seeks to connect youth, parents, and the community with resources that promote wellbeing.

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